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Mobile Services
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Mobile Services
Precision Ultrasound provides a full range of mobile ultrasound diagnostic services:
  • General Ultrasound
    • Aorta
    • Appendix/RLQ
    • Biliary
    • Bladder-Pre and Post Void Residual Volume
    • Breast
    • Gallbladder
    • Liver
    • Ob/Fetal Studies
    • Pancreas
    • Pelvic-Female
    • Pelvic-Male
    • Renal
    • Retroperitoneum
    • Spleen
    • Testicular
    • Thyroid
    • Transvaginal
    • Upper Abdomen
  • Vascular Ultrasound
    • Duplex Imaging Exams:
      • Arterial Doppler of Upper and Lower Extremities
      • Carotid Doppler Studies
      • Venous Doppler of Upper and Lower Extremities
    • Non-Invasive Physiological Testing:
      • ABI with TBI and PVR
      • Segmental Pressure Studies that include ABI, TBI, and PVR
  • Cardiac Studies
    • 24 hour Holter Monitor
    • 2D Echo with M-Mode measurements, Echo Doppler, and Color Flow Mapping
    • Cardiac Ultrasound
    • Tissue Tracking and Tissue Velocity Imaging for diastolic dysfunction studies Return to Top
Out-Patient Services 
For the physician’s office who might would have space constraints but would like to use our services, arrangements can be made to schedule the patient at our radiologist’s office conveniently located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Same day appointments are available in most cases. A valid, written referral from the physician or nurse practicioner is required to be presented upon the patient’s arrival at our facility. Return to Top

Nursing Home & Home Health Services

Convenience - Our portable bedside service is convenient to both the patient and their nurse. There is no hassle with transporting the patient to another facility which also leads to cost savings to the nursing home by alleviating expensive ambulance or other transport services. For the home health patient, there would be no need for family members or an ambulance service to transport the patient to the local hospital for the same services.
Patient comfort - The patient is able to remain in his/her room, allowing him/her to be at ease and more relaxed. The patient can stay comfortable with their familiar surroundings and avoid the anxiety of moving to another unfamiliar location.
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Fast Reports

Immediate preliminary results are given with less than 24 hour turnaround of the formal typed reports. All images are available immediately for viewing by the referring physician on our HIPAA compliant web based PACS and reporting system. All reports will be faxed as soon as interpreted, but also can be viewed and printed from our secure website from any web enabled computer. Return to Top

Other Professional Medical Services

Professional cardiology and radiology services are available from affiliated board-certified cardiologists and radiologists. Return to Top

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